Experienced welding supervisors for an excellent welding result

close-up of a professional welding service working at a reformer tube

Professional welding supervision

Our expertise ensures a professional supervision of all welding work on site.

In compliance with all applicable safety regulations

Documentation of the welding work

Many years of experience

We supervise the welding work during your project

At Schmidt + Clemens, we have the expertise to mon­itor your project with the ut­most care and do a detailed con­trol of the welding work carried out on site. By doing so, we ensure that all welding work is carried out in accor­dance with specifications and standards.

We proud ourselves by making a significant contribution to prev­enting accidents and ensuring an excellent quality level of the welded joints. Therefore, our supervisor checks the material conditions, tools and also pays close atten­tion to HSE regulations.

Our welding supervisor not only checks the quality of the welds by visual inspection, but also records all relevant information on the work that was carried out. He also inspects the general conditions on site, can intervene in a corrective manner or, if material problems occur, can assist in drawing up a new welding proce­dure specification (WPS) for your individual project. Those actions contribute to comply with the schedule, avoid errors and save un­necessary costs.

close-up of a professional welding service working at a reformer tube

Welding inspection in detail

Inspection of base materials, welding consumables, tools and machines

Visual inspection

Inspection of general conditions

Finalize the job within schedule

Why welding supervision from Schmidt + Clemens?

Professional welding supervision

Welding supervision

Partial scope services:
Inspection, Documentations, control and monitoring of welding

Petrochemical industry, steel industry

Material competences:
Heat treatment, machining techniques, materials

More than 60 years

Planning location:
Germany, Lindlar.
Malaysia, Johor Bahru

Overview of services

Welding supervision Schmidt + Clemens GmbH + Co. KG

Welding standards

We perform work to the requirements of DIN EN and ASME.

Welding supervision Schmidt + Clemens GmbH + Co. KG

Welding procedure specifications

S+C has an extensive repertoire of welding procedure specifications at its disposal

a steam cracker plant with smokestacks and reformer tubes


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