Mech­anical act­ivities for main­tenance and modi­fication of steam cracker, steam reformer & DRI plants

A worker engaging in mechanical activities at a reformer tube in an industrial setting.

Professional mechanical work at the highest level of quality

As experts in the field of mechanical work, we have the know-how and network to offer you a comprehensive range of mechanical activities within the scope of maintenance and modification.

Lifting and rigging activities

Cold cutting and bevelling

Insulation and refractory work

Catalyst handling

Hanger and Burner service


Steel work and piping

Schmidt + Clemens: full service provider as per your needs

We pro­vide and operate cranes and certified lifting equipment. Customized ID and OD cold cutting and beveling mach­ines are used for the weld seam preparation. Experienced work­force replaces or repairs insulation claddings, modules and compensators as well as refractory bricks and cast­ables. We engage with specialized companies for catalyst un­loading and loading. We take care of blocking, de-blocking and adjustment of the hanger systems. Also scaffolding works and modification of secon­dary steel construction is part of our portfolio.

For each of the above mentioned activities we provide the prof­essional manpower, the machinery and equipment, while always considering the highest HSE standards.

a person performing mechanical activities at a reformer tube

Why mechanical activities from Schmidt + Clemens?

We offer you a comprehensive range of mechanical activities

Mechanical activities

Partial scope services:
Lifting and rigging activities, cold cutting and bevelling, insulation and refractory work, catalyst handling, hanger and burner service, scaffolding, steel work and piping

Petrochemical industry, steel industry

Material competences:
Heat treatment, machining techniques, materials

More than 60 years

Planning location:
Germany, Lindlar.
Malaysia, Johor Bahru

Overview of services

Mechanical activities Schmidt + Clemens GmbH + Co. KG


Spe­cialists in wel­ding of static- and centri­fugal cast­ings.

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Mechanical activities Schmidt + Clemens GmbH + Co. KG

Replacement of components

Our team of ex­perts will replace your plant com­ponents quickly and reliable for you to get back to prod­uction faster.

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