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Replacement of components Schmidt + Clemens GmbH + Co. KG

Schmidt + Clemens is specialized in the replacement of components for the petrochemical industry as well as for the steel industry.

With our team of specialists we replace your radiant coils, steam reformer tubes or other related components in your steam cracker, steam reformers and DRI plants.

Experienced team including skilled welders

Shortened downtime for our customers

Experts of handling of aged materials

Customer-oriented service

Replacement of components: fast and reliable

Schmidt + Clemens is very fam­iliar with the req­uirements of the petro­chemical sector and steel industry. Schmidt + Clemens deals with all tasks and processes when it comes to the replace­ment of parts. This requires a team of skilled experts. Regard­less, if the shutdown was scheduled or unscheduled, we can quickly and reliable replace radiant coils or steam reformer tubes. This includes components like outlet  and inlet headers, tees, cones, reformer tubes, coil systems, single tube pieces and fittings. In addition we take care of further piping struc­tures like convection modules, transferlines, etc.

Of course we always work in accor­dance with our customer’s individual requirements and specifications.

Trust in our expertise and go back into operation faster.

Replacement of components Schmidt + Clemens GmbH + Co. KG

Overview of services

Scheduled or unscheduled replacement of components

Replacement and assembly of reformer tubes

Repair, overhaul, maintenance and modernisation of components

Coil replacement of steam crackers

Why replace parts with Schmidt + Clemens?

We are fast and reliable

Replacement of components

Partial scope services:
Outlet headers, inlet headers, tees, cones, reformer tubes, coil systems, upstream and downstream piping structures or single tube pieces and fittings

Petrochemical industry, steel industry

Material competences:
Heat treatment, machining techniques, materials

More than 60 years

Planning location:
Germany, Lindlar.
Malaysia, Johor Bahru

Overview of services

Replacement of components Schmidt + Clemens GmbH + Co. KG


Spe­cialists in wel­ding of static- and centri­fugal cast­ings.

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A technician using mechanical methods for servicing a reformer tube.

Mechanical activities

As prof­essionals in mech­anical activities, Schmidt + Clemens prov­ides you with compreh­ensive services to ensure a smooth shut­down or turnaround.

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a steam cracker plant with smokestacks and reformer tubes


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