Your expert in welding of heat-resistant and high-alloy steels

close-up of a professional welding service working at a reformer tube

We are professionals in the welding of static and centrifugal casting parts.

Schmidt + Clemens maintains an exten­sive net­work of qualified wel­ders and specialists all around the world. Our expertise supports us in managing your project success­fully.

Global network of experienced and qualified welders

Numerous procedure qualification records (PQR) available

Welding standards according to DIN EN and ASME

Continuous quality monitoring of welding

Fulfilment of welding procedure specifications (WPS)

More than 60 years of ex­perience in wel­ding new and aged mat­erials

With more than 60 years of ex­perience and the gat­hered ex­tensive know­ledge in the hand­ling of new as well as aged materials we can handle even the most chall­enging projects. Additionally we set ourselves the highest stan­dards on work safety and only use welders & super­visors that strictly meet your requirements to ensure the success­ful execution of your project.

Before each welding process, we check the correct align­ment of the parts and ensure that the weld prep­aration is in line with the approved construction documents. In addition, we monitor the oxygen content before welding to ensure proper purging of the root pass. In case it is aged material, we check the weldability in advance with a weldability test. If the weldability can not be ensured we initiate the according countermeasures such as heat treatment, buttering, etc.

We are your experts and will do our utmost to successfully execute your project with the highest HSE and quality standards.

close-up of a professional welding service working at a reformer tube

Benefit from our welding expertise

Many years of experience and knowledge in handling new and especially aged materials.

On site, our welders strictly fulfil the customer‘s requirements as well as the instructions of the welding supervisor.

Highly qualified welders and welding supervisors.

HSE is the focus for Schmidt + Clemens.

Why welding with Schmidt + Clemens?

More than 60 years of welding experience


Partial scope services:
Provision of welders incl. welding supervision

Petrochemical industry, steel industry

Material competences:
Heat treatment, machining techniques, materials

More than 60 years

Planning location:
Germany, Lindlar
Malaysia, Johor Bahru

Our services in the field of welding

close-up of a professional welding service working at a reformer tube

Welding supervision

Our extensive expertise guarantees you state of the art supervision of all welding work on site.

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Welding Schmidt + Clemens GmbH + Co. KG

Welding standards

We perform work to the requirements of DIN EN and ASME.

Welding Schmidt + Clemens GmbH + Co. KG

Welding procedure specifications

Schmidt + Clemens has an extensive repertoire of welding procedure specifications at its disposal

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