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Ex­cellent project plan­ning for your turn­around and shut­down

Every project is unique and yet they all share a comm­on recipe for succ­ess: precise project planning by Schmidt + Clemens for your steam cracker, steam reformers and DRI plants. Our experience en­ables us to compare different strategies and select the most economical for you.

Planning of the entire project schedule including milestones

Consideration and focusing on all relevant project details

Coordination of all respective parties for an effective process

Smooth and successful execution of your project

Turn to Schmidt + Clemens for a smooth, effective and reliable project execution

Schmidt + Clemens continously im­proves project planning, which enables precise monitoring and adherence to time and cost for your turn­around or shut­down projects. Our team is specialised in scheduling processes so that all activities mesh perfectly. All the parties involved are aligned, everyone is aware of their tasks and responsibilities.

With our innovative plann­ing  and organizational expertise we are able to help you plan your projects more efficient and cost-effective. Our project team’s extensive on-site experience bene­fits your steam reformer, steam cracker & DRI projects.

We con­sider the necessary project docu­mentation like welding documents, schedules, work description & HSE documents as part of our planning process. Additionally we take care of licenses, permits or certificates like insurances, visas, health certificates, work permits, site registration and more.

a group of people looking at a paper planning a plant shutdown

From planning to implementation: The basis for a successful project start

Detailed scope clarification

Kick-off meeting

Planning of contract management like flights, accommodation, rental car, catering, transport, etc.

Consideration of formalities like insurance, visas, certificates, health certificates, work permits and site registration and much more

Definition of subcontractor activities

Ressource planning for manpower, equipment, machinery and materials and consumables

Why project planning from Schmidt + Clemens?

Every project is unique

Project planning

Partial scope services:
Planning the project schedule, planning milestones, smooth project implementation

Petrochemical industry, steel industry

Material competences:
Heat treatment, machining techniques, materials

More than 60 years

Planning location:
Germany, Lindlar.
Malaysia, Johor Bahru

Overview of services

a group of people looking at a paper planning a plant shutdown

Project Management

Schmidt + Clemens as a single point of contact for high quality project execution.

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